What is it?

BTL X-Wave uses the powerful energy of the acoustic waves while guaranteeing an unequaled level of comfort and patient safety. It achieves the best results in the non-invasive improvement of the patient's skin texture.

How does it work?

The BTL X-WAVE uses the power of specific mechanical vibrations, causing much stronger stimulation and reaching deeper structures. This means fewer treatment sessions and first visible results after a single treatment.

After treatment

Continue your exercise routine
Avoid the consumption of analgesics such as (aspirin, ibuprofen) 72 hours before and after the procedure.
Drink plenty of water.
In case of bruises, apply arnica in the treated area.


Using the power of specific vibrations, BTL X-WAVE contributes to the elimination of the main factors that cause an irregular surface of the skin and lead to a considerable improvement in the appearance of the skin. Mechanical vibrations improve microcirculation and oxygen supply in the affected area, which increases the blood supply and the removal of excess interstitial fluid.

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