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Created by Dr. Sylvie Hennessy, dermatologist and biochemist, Medicalia is a cosmetic and dermatological line, which focuses on intensive skin care, classified by specific conditions or conditions.

The range of action of Medicalia ranges from severe acne to hyperpigmentation, using rejuvenating formulas for all skin types. Some of the problems that can be treated with Medicalia are:

Post-operative care
Chronic rosacea
Pre and post-operative care
Sun damage
Among other.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and the use of the most powerful ingredients, Medicalia has one of the highest standards in manufacturing quality, something that differentiates it from other specialized dermatological lines.

Medicalia offers revolutionary treatments on products that are easy to use and can be taken at home.

Revolutionary formulas for healthy skin

Medicalia products are formulated with pharmaceutical grade water, deionized and sterilized, free of minerals, chlorine, bacteria, microorganisms, particles and waste. Thanks to this property, the products have excellent compatibility with skin cells and have the ideal characteristics to be used as a specific or post-operative treatment.

Three Phase Emulsion

EThis technology helps protect assets by trapping them inside the emulsion to prevent them from degrading. This allows the active ingredients to reach the skin in a controlled way and with much better penetrability. In addition, it is the three-phase technology that allows a silky texture in the products and an ideal wetting.

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