Art Filler® by Filorga® consists of a new generation of four injections developed to correct without excess and respect the expressions that give singularity to a face. Because each face is unique, Filorga® Art Filler® delivers an artistic correction tailored to each patient, with surprising and natural results.

Variety of Filorga® Art Filler® products

Art Filler Fine Lines: The only product on the market for small wrinkles and expression lines. Main basis of the Bio Nutrilift® Protocol.

Art Filler Universal: gel with filling potential and very moldable texture that can also give a slight volume.

Art Filler Lips: very modellable texture with volumizing power particularly adapted to the mobile area of ​​the lips.

Art Filler Volume: highly volumizing texture. With hyaluronic acid to achieve greater fluidity and allow restoring volumes naturally.

Its exclusive TRI-HYAL technology, with triple correction potential, helps to soften, sculpt and volumize, adapting to the strength and limitations of some areas and fabrics.

How does it work?

A topical anesthetic lotion or spray is applied to the area of ​​the skin where the treatment will be performed. In the case of the lips, a lip block is used. Next step the filling is injected. The results are immediate and last from six to eighteen months.

After treatment

The treated area should not be touched. There may be some bruising and temporary swelling. Your lips may be more swollen and therefore take up to two weeks to see better results.


Restore volume in areas where it has been lost
Fill the cheeks
Softens lines and folds
Improves the appearance of the lips
It reduces scars
Natural product, not derived from animal sources

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