Gentle Waves

GentleWaves is a non invasive, non thermal technology called Photomodulation that utilizes low intensity light therapy to reduce wrinkles, pore size and pigmentation producing smoother, more youthful looking skin. With the GentleWaves system, the treatments are painless and there is no down time. A very popular application is its ability to aid in the reduction of sunburns in less than 2 minutes.

How does it work?

Gentle Waves LED Photomodulation technology is the interaction of light delivered through LED's (light emitting diodes) to activate skin cells causing them to produce collagen. This technology converts light energy within the cells, similar to the way photosynthesis takes sunlight and turns it into food energy in plants. Gentle Waves technology can now offer a totally natural, non-invasive method of skin rejuvenation to reduce the visible signs of aging.


* Smoother, more youthful looking skin
* Reduction of sunburns
* No side effects, discomfort or down time
* No after care necessary
* Compatible with other skin rejuvenation techniques


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